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C-MAP Licensing

The Freedom of Choice

The complexity of modern navigation means the mariners need a simple way of acquiring and managing charts. Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) allows your marine operation the freedom to choose among several licensing methods, including FlatFee, OpenENC(PAYS), DynamicLicensing and DirectLicensing. Most C-MAP Licensing methods can also be combined to meet your needs.

C-MAP FlatFee

Our FlatFee solution provides mariners like you with access to global ENC's. Your vessels will have the ENCs needed to be ECDIS-mandate compliant without creating a lot of extra work. The subscription is licensed and invoiced once a year. Customers can subscribe to world coverage or separate zones. C-MAP FlatFee provides customers with a simple, efficient, and cost predictive solution for licensing ENC's. This is the closest an ENC service can come to the successful C-MAP Professional+ for those already used to this product.

C-MAP FixedFee

FixedFee is a licensing concept that allows customers to pay an annual fixed amount for all ENCs they require for safe navigation.
Available for AVCS and C-MAP ADMIRALTY ENC Service (CAES) and C-MAP Extended ENC Service (CEES). FixedFee offers the same flexibility as our FlatFee service without being a PAYS based solution.
FixedFee provides complete access to global ENCs for voyage planning and navigation, combined with easy chart updating, one annual invoice and the ability to license all the charts needed for safe navigation for the duration of the 12 month C-MAP FixedFee subscription.


C-MAP OpenENC is a PAYS solution that lets you easily plan routes on ECDIS, with free access to C-MAP’s entire ENC database. This way, you can comply with the ECDIS mandate while paying only for the charts you use for navigation.

OpenENC is an excellent option for vessels that don’t travel fixed routes, because you can plan and sail a new route at any time. It is also ideal for vessels going in the spot market. Some countries do not permit the use of PAYS services. Paired with C-MAP DynamicLicensing, OpenENC offers a seamless journey for your vessel regardless of country regulations.

C-MAP DynamicLicensing

C-MAP DynamicLicensing service (Pay-As-You-View) is a user-friendly and cost-effective method for licensing ENCs. The service ensures immediate access to ENC licenses whenever they are needed, by panning and zooming on the screen or when navigating the vessel into a new ENC on the ECDIS. Compared to conventional licensing methods, DynamicLicensing automates the process of acquiring these licenses and simultaneously uses subscription zones and credit limits to control costs.

Depending on the ECDIS system, there will be different options to get licenses to new charts. Some systems may have a planning mode where licenses to new charts are activated by panning or zooming into a new chart, or a navigation mode where licenses to new charts are automatically generated as soon as the vessel enters into a new chart. This ensures you always have licenses for charts covering the surroundings of the vessel’s position. DynamicLicensing can be switched on or off whenever required.

C-MAP DynamicLicensing Benefits

  • Easy access to charts
  • No pre-ordering process required
  • Easy and flexible licensing
  • No manual reporting
  • Online updating service including new charts
  • Type approved SENC distribution

C-MAP DirectLicensing

C-MAP DirectLicensing is based on the standard ENC licensing model initially launched by HOs and RENCs. Licenses can be applied in any combination of three, six, or 12-month durations. The 12-month option is the most cost effective for a vessel sailing on a static route with no deviations.

To obtain licenses you have the option to use C-MAP NauticalCatalog or C-MAP NauticalManager. Within minutes, you will have a proposed route between main ports and a chart/official ENC order tailored for your route or area of interest. With one click, you will automatically receive your chart licenses and updates.