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C-MAP PiracyUpdate

Add piracy data to your chart and weather picture

C-MAP's PiracyUpdate is based on intelligence from recognized and authoritative sources on global sea piracy. PiracyUpdate helps seafarers and the marine industry identify, understand and manage the risks associated with piracy on the high seas. PiracyUpdate is based on information from:

  • The International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Centre
  • The UKMTO (United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations)
  • The Maritime Security Centre - Horn of Africa (EU naval forces)
  • The United States Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Leading news media and a wide network of independent sources

PiracyUpdate adds valuable functionality to the C-MAP's OceanViewTM chart planning system

  • Integrates essential information on sea piracy worldwide with detailed chart, weather and tropical cyclone information
  • Displays the location of recent and historical pirate attacks, so you can identify and avoid high-risk areas
  • Enables export of route information from the planning station/office to the ECS, or ECDIS*
  • Uses the world’s most authoritative and expansive sources of up-to-date piracy data
  • Allows combined views of piracy and weather data to plan transits in conditions that hamper pirate activities

The piracy menace threatens stable and secure maritime operations.
According to BIMCO/IMB/UKMTO and other sources, “it is likely to be difficult to operate these small crafts in sea state 3 and above.” This means commercial vessels should head for waters with wave height above 1.25 meters.
PiracyUpdate puts the right information at your disposal, so you can make better decisions, reduce risk and ensure quality operations.

By combiningTM in the office and C-MAP's charts, weather and piracy data in ships’ ECDIS or ECS, ship operators and officers have the ultimate resources for safe and efficient navigation.