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C-Map NauticalCatalog

Save time by ordering ENCs and other C-MAP data quickly and easily online.

In an industry where time is money and safety is essential, it’s worthwhile to streamline whenever possible. That’s why C-MAP has replaced its Chart Catalog with a more efficient online version tailored to your needs. With our new C-MAP NauticalCatalog, you can order ENCs on the Internet at your convenience.

NauticalCatalog gives you a graphical view of chart coverage within a given product or database—including ENC, C-MAP PRIMAR ECDIS Service and C-MAP Professional+. You can import routes from your ECDIS/ECS, since NauticalCatalog supports 18 different route formats. In addition, you can auto-select charts for any route and calculate the aggregated cost.

Ordering is easy. NauticalCatalog guides you through the ordering process, selecting the right charts for your voyage or route. You can order chart licenses from your nominated chart distributor or directly from C-MAP. You can view and edit your orders, save order history, filter and sort charts in the catalog by type, name, license type, or expiration date. You can create and review orders for approval or licensing for another user. To make it easier to manage your business, you’ll get reports of orders and costs incurred.