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C-MAP IMS™ NauticalManager Module

Streamline Your Chart Access, Licensing, and Route Updating with C-MAP

Our back-of-bridge planning station, C-MAP IMS™, now offers a NauticalManager module, which supports efficient and automated chart and publication management, including ordering, updating, reporting, and viewing official electronic and paper charts and publications, including ADMIRALITY  products (AVCS, e-NP, and ADP)

The NauticalManager module within C-MAP IMS™ has been updated with new functionality, simplified workflow, and refined user interface, and is now tightly integrated with our optional additional C-MAP IMS™ modules, including onboard Weather Routing and Optimization, Shoreside Routing Service, and FleetManager – our shoreside management tool.

C-MAP IMS™ NauticalManager Module Key Features

  • Using your route as a starting point, automatically select all relevant products from multiple catalogs – including electronic charts & publications and paper charts & publications – with a single click!
  • Place an order via internet or email, filtering out items already held
  • Update electronic charts via internet or email and export them to your ECDIS
  • Generate and print your Voyage / Passage Plan - including route plan, chart & publication holdings with licensing & update status, and relevant T&P's
  • View over a dozen weather overlays graphically & numerically along your route (requires weather subscription)View port forecasts covering marine conditions at the Pilot Boarding Place and terrestrial conditions within the harbor
  • View and interrogate/inspect electronic charts - including AVCS and S-57/S-63
  • Display (S)ECA and other fuel regulation zones, PSSAs, ESSAs, and areas to be avoided
  • Seamless integration with C-MAP's shoreside fleet management tools and routing advisory service

Weather Layers (available with subscription) include:

  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Waves (including height, period, and direction for 3 wave trains: sea, primary swell, and secondary swell)
  • Surface Pressure
  • Upper Air (Height of 500mb Pressure Layer)
  • Ocean Currents
  • Visibility
  • Sea Surface Temperature
  • Sea Height
  • Precipitation Rate
  • Precipitation Type
  • Cloud Cover
  • Air Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Ice Concentration
  • Ice Thickness
  • Iceberg & Sea Ice Limits
  • Ice Edge and Marginal Ice Zone Observations
  • Ice Accretion
  • High Resolution Wind, Waves, and Ice (requires optional subscription)